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    This is just a thought from this evening’s walk to home. It just popped out of my mind, then leaves right after I realized that it posits something hefty with the reality. Sometimes, some things happen just like that – with the speed of light, unnoticed and unexpected. It disappears the moment you recognize that you can’t live in this world without rice and water. BLAH, what am I saying?!

    Exactly 24 hours now, I dreamt of myself and how I lived a dream that was now a memory. It’s just a moment of lying in the sand with the mighty sun at the top of the heavens, burning my skin, while being compensated with a kiss of the cool breeze of air with the swaying of the waves afar. Serenity and pleasure combined. Being in a beach is a dream, and you just want to get lost in it – or with it. You cherish a moment, hope and aspire from it, but later on you’ll get to accept the fact that it will be gone. Darkness will fall, and everything you enjoyed from that moment will be gone. You just wait for tomorrow.

    Same time with it, a princess overly obsessed with being in love was there – struggling to be protected, recognized and valued as what she is. She’s a princess yet she begs for time, primacy and importance from her prince. She holds on, because she believes that love will encompass every feeling, thought and idealism that is and will exist. She’s always asserting her rank, but she often got lost in her every ordeal with the prince. She still thinks of love, because there are times that she feels like floating in the heavens with all the gorgeously designed chocolates and vivid dozens of balloons surrounding her. Those are the days that she’s always hoping for, times that she’s always dreaming of having everytime she opens her eyes in the morning. However, her prince is too busy doing his duties for their kingdom. She’s acknowledging that fact, but she can’t help the hurt everytime they were apart. She cannot hug him, cry in his shoulders, laugh with him, stroll in the wilderness with the birds, and there’s no one to slay the dragons several times that it appeared in her backyard. Days, weeks, months and years have passed, yet she still hopes for that day when the prince is back, they cannot be separated anymore. She waited for so long – seconds are hours for her, days are weeks, and years are decades – so long that she saw her heart drowning at the bottom of the sea. And thousand meters above it was a paradise with waves, sand and sun. How far! That’s how far it is from her.

    My phone alarmed, and everything’s gone. Hope, yes there is still.

    I got a call from reality.

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    Stud Earrings

    I was amazed by these lovely stud earrings.

    Wanna have them all!






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    Photo Courtesy: asdfghjkllove

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    indeed :)

    indeed :)

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    And suddenly, I begin to love parasols

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    The new  in the family!

    Her super adorable smiles!

    Her ‘don’t-mess-with-me’ looks!!!

    Eeeeezzz playtime yo!

    With her Ate Shiloh

    I uberly love them!!!

    KISSES from Tita Sheng!

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    Words OVERrated

    Last’s year’s word is:

    And this year, it is:

    GGGRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I just don’t want to hear it being used by anyone as it pisses me off!

    Please o please curls, don’t say it when you don’t mean it! Wait, do you even know what these words mean?!

    You are getting into my nerves!

    Stop wasting my time!


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